Student life

We are committed to an integral education of the human being, for this reason our students have different spaces that enrich their education: Art, robotics, music, science, sports, and mindfulness. Find out more here!

Sixth Grade (6ème) Inauguration

We are happy to start the Sixième (6ème) grade, the first year of secondary school, which facilitates the transition between primary school and secondary school and introduces students to the subjects and study methods typical of secondary education. We take care of welcoming students and following up with them in the best way possible, as well as accompanying them in their personal work. Being the first year of Secondary School, the 6ème is decisive to learning to learn.

Freedom and responsibility to choose

High School opens the door to higher education, the Lycée delivers the freedom to open the doors they dream. 

Depending on their interests and potential, our students are oriented towards corresponding higher education courses.

Student orientation is built from sixth grade and throughout school, thanks to a regular dialogue between students, parents, teachers, educational advisers, school management and educational psychologists.

Student life

From artistic and athletic activities to academic learning, leadership, and responsibility for others, our French pensum programs, extracurriculars, and classes offer students many opportunities to further develop their interests and talents to build a stronger community together. Art, cooking, mindfulness, music, writing, robotics, and English classes in our facilities further support learning every day.

Extracurricular activities



    1. Welcoming our students after vacation is a moment of happiness.
    2. Our students exercise their right to vote when electing a Student Representative.

    3. In Math week, we do calculations that become a recipe.

Together we mark great moments.

  1. We happily celebrate Teacher’s Day, present in class!

  2. The Petite Section students, painting their French flag.

  3. Yellow Day in the Petite Section.

  4. Barranquilla Festival Week.



  In games and movement, we find a source of learning, fraternity, and happiness.

  1. We celebrate La Francophonie 2021 with games from these countries: hockey and pétanque.
  2. We learn about active meditation.



  1. Conscious nutrition is our goal: taste, savour, discover and eat healthy.
  2. Safety above all: The kitchen team complying with all the protocols.

Le Journal

It is the Lycée newspaper, a space to inform families about the most important news of each month. It is a means of communication that will complement our presence in press releases and on social network.

The objective of the Journal is to talk about all the valuable things we do at school and about the enriching experiences that children have both in the classroom and in play areas.


Students learn to recognize their emotions and manage them with the help of breathing techniques, games, and postures, which encourage creativity, develop emotional intelligence, and favor well-being.


In a constantly evolving society, tech-savvy people that easily adapt, have more possibilities. We are building a program that integrates science, technology, engineering, arts, and math into the curriculum and in every grade.

Art and music

Students are immersed in arts from an early age, which contributes to the development of their sensory possibilities, stimulates their imagination, enriches their knowledge, and develops their communication skills. Drawing and art compositions are the preferred means of expression. Later, in primary school, students are introduced to art history.

Performing, visual and musical arts are at the heart of the Lycée experience. We believe that our students become more competent learners, passionate problem solvers and, most importantly, culturally savvy citizens through their art experience.

Since the opening of the Lycée Français of Medellín in 2015, music has been part of the educational offer of the establishment. Antioquia’s Symphony Orchestra offers a musical training program that adapts to the needs and realities of the Lycée, and which aims to complete the process of forming students and contribute significantly to their artistic development.


En una sociedad que evoluciona constantemente, las personas hábiles y adaptables con facilidad en tecnología tienen más posibilidades. Estamos construyendo un programa que integra ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería, artes y matemáticas en los planes de estudio y en todos los niveles de grado.