Your family can belong to the fraternity that will change the future

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Follow the instructions in this video and the steps outlined below, fill out the form according to the type of applicant and prepare the documents needed.


Open House

Come and meet us, sign up for one of our next “Open Door” meetings.



Fill out the appropriate form:



Fill out the required documents according to the type of form. This will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

* You will receive an email with all the necessary information that must be filled out.



Families that have received a favorable response from the Admissions Committee will be called for an interview with the principal and the psychology department.


We'll inform

We will inform applicant families of the Admissions Committee’s decision; After notifying them, families will have one calendar month to confirm if their child will enter the school.


Special Integration Sessions

Accepted students must attend a special session at the Lycée. On this day children will get to know the school facilities and will participate in activities with the psychology department, which will allow the pedagogical team to prepare and define the distribution of the classrooms. Attending this activity is a prerequisite for new students.

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Why apply to the Lycée Français?

At the French Lycée we guarantee fulfilling what you have dreamed of for your child’s education. But that’s only a small part of our true purpose, which is to build a fraternity that changes the course of the world and transforms society.

Your child will have specialized teachers and will learn to teach others every day.

Your child will speak three languages and use them to transform other realities.

Your child will be guaranteed the opportunity to study in Europe and in the future, they will be the ones who create opportunities for others.

We are the fraternity that your children will create in the future and where the entire society that they help build, will be.


Frequent questions

Do you have any questions about any of the steps? Do you want to know more about our teaching methodology? Here you will find answers to these topics.

French Embassy scholarships

Visit the website to learn more about these opportunities.

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20 / abril                documentación
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Learn about the alliances that strengthen our quality education and the multicultural relations between the different French-speaking countries.


En una sociedad que evoluciona constantemente, las personas hábiles y adaptables con facilidad en tecnología tienen más posibilidades. Estamos construyendo un programa que integra ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería, artes y matemáticas en los planes de estudio y en todos los niveles de grado.