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Our essence

We form integral and independent students, who value cultural diversity and are capable of facing the challenges of the future. We form citizens that are actively involved in the development of their community and are open to the world and its diversity.

A multilingual and multicultural educational model

The Lycée Français of Medellín, as part of the French educational system, welcomes students from all over the world, of all races and religions. We are a culturally sensitive teaching and learning community, in which everyone has a strong desire to pursue educational excellence.

We inspire students to seek academic and personal challenges, discover their interests and talents, embrace diversity, and build a community.

Trilingual education

Certificate in French C1 and English B2

Double Degree

As high school graduates in Colombia and France

Integral formation

How do we create a fraternity?

  • French education fosters student autonomy and encourages analysis, reflection and a critical spirit through projects implemented in the classroom.
  • Innovation in project-based learning, learning new languages, arts, and multiculturalism are designed to enhance and deepen our rigorous curriculum.
  • The French educational system curriculum is a world leader in preparing students.
  • The Lycée Français attracts professionals in French education, who promote respect, autonomy and discipline based on multiculturalism and diversity.
  • From an early age, our students enhance the development of their sensory capacities and their imagination, through reading, music, and art techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture, enriching their knowledge and developing communication skills.
  • Alliance with Antioquia’s Symphony Orchestra: We implemented this program with the support of a group of teachers trained in Willems Method, which favors the integral development of the individual and their cognitive abilities through music.
  • Encounters with the library: our students share an open space, which expands their curiosity, imagination and reflective capacity, skills necessary for the development of an integral individual.
  • We educate skillful students who can adapt easily to work with technology. Our program integrates science, technology, arts, and math in every grade.
  • Healthy and conscious eating: Nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars in the construction of the physical and emotional health of the human being and precisely it’s in the first years of life that we can create healthy eating habits in our children, since these will stick to their minds for years and will allow them to have solid bases when they are adults.
  • We promote in our student, responsibility, and environmental protection.
  • Mindfulness: This practice focuses on the development of the human being, helping them manage emotions and search for their well-being.


The Lycée Français of Medellín operates under the B academic calendar in Colombia

Our school year begins on September 1st and ends on June 30th, solely working on a day shift. The school year at the Lycée consists of 36 weeks of class divided into 5 periods of 6 to 10 weeks, separated by one, two or three weeks of vacations.

Sixth Grade (6ème) Inauguration

We are happy to begin sixth (6ème) grade, the first year of secondary school, which facilitates the transition between primary School and secondary School and introduces students to the subjects and study methods typical of secondary education. We take care in welcoming students and following up with them in the best way possible, as well as accompanying them in their personal work.

Petites Nouvelles

We celebrate with joy

We celebrate with joy being part of the French speaking community in the world. / 🇫🇷 Nous célébrons la joie de faire partie de la communauté francophone mondiale

Congrats Ian and Filippo

Congratulations Ian and Filippo. CM1A Math Week Winners / 🇫🇷 Félicitations à Ian et Filippo. Les gagnants de la semaine des maths au CM1A

A visit from the green monster

The Green Monster visits the Petite Section / 🇫🇷 Le Monstre Vert s’invite en Petite Section

Math becomes a recipe

Math becomes a recipe!  We prepared a chocolate volcano to learn about weight and measurements. / 🇫🇷  Recette mathématique ! Nous préparons un fondant au chocolat pour apprendre les poids et mesures

We live democracy in the Lycée

We live democracy in the Lycée. Voting for Student Representative/ 🇫🇷 Nous vivons la démocratie au Lycée. Vote pour le Personero estudiantil

Trilingual education Certificate in French C1 and English B2

Our students evolve in a trilingual environment, with a certificate in French C1 and English B2. We offer an international approach, as they have access to a double diploma when they graduate, obtaining the Colombian academic diploma and the French baccalaureate, recognized by the French government.

Double Degree As high school graduates in Colombia and France

A student who completes his education with us will have 2 degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Colombia and Baccalaureate in France. This allows them to have access to universities in Colombia, the United States, Canada, France, and the entire European Union.

Integral formation

We promote an integral formation of our students, with a nutrition program prepared within the campus, which follows the guidelines of the O.M.S, and a sustainable growth plan, which is made up of programs such as music and mindfulness.

We form autonomous citizens, with their own criteria and individually responsible for their own well-being and that of their community and the planets.


En una sociedad que evoluciona constantemente, las personas hábiles y adaptables con facilidad en tecnología tienen más posibilidades. Estamos construyendo un programa que integra ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería, artes y matemáticas en los planes de estudio y en todos los niveles de grado.